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This book is dedicated to readers who are looking for understandable answers to the following questions:

Is investing money in the stock market the “best” place to grow wealth?

Notwithstanding all the hype about how well the stock market has done over the last 20+ years, what are the real statistics showing what the “average” investor has actually earned when invested in the stock market (the answer is shocking)?

How do you build a tax-free retirement nest egg in the most efficient and least risky manner possible?

Does it make financial sense to overfund a tax-deferred qualified retirement plan or IRA?

Is “Retirement Life” insurance a good financial tool to build wealth for retirement?

Are there wealth-building tools that can guarantee you a 6-8% rate of return?

Are there wealth-building tools that can guarantee you a lifetime income you can never outlive?

Our Philosophy

Retiring Without Risk (RWR) is both a book and a philosophy by which our firm gives advice to clients.  Our philosophy is to help clients reach their financial, estate, and tax-planning goals in the least risky manner possible with the least amount of taxes paid while living and upon death.

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