Our firm’s core strength is in our people and their diversity. Meeting the needs of domestic and foreign clients in the global economy is a dispensation that requires top-notch diligence and expertise. As a company we reside where your estate meets wealth preservation. We employ and coordinate tax compliant, legal strategies designed to work within the framework of your life and we strive to surpass your expectations.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is a life long process. Building wealth is one thing, keeping it is another matter.

Company Structure

It is one thing to have a company but it needs to set up to weather any storm.


Setting up your affairs so they will be in compliance.

Tax Planning

Tax planning should be part of every strategic plan.


Doing busienss across borders can be difficult, let us help you.


Making Money is one thing Keeping it is an entirely
separate matter


We want to introduce you to Asset Protection World.

Through educational courses, ebooks, books and videos, we serve to inform you on the most up to date concepts for preserving your wealth. We can also assist you implementing a solid asset protection plan, along side your local advisors.

Our Asset Protection Planners come in all varieties. Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Planners, Enrolled Agents and so on.  Because the field is a relatively new offshoot of Debtor-Creditor Law. Law and accounting have been known for centuries, the barrister and the bean counter have long paved the way for all types of Asset Protection Planners.

With the emphasis in volatile markets and increases in litigation, Asset Protection has become a studied and researched field of practice. Thus, you should choose a planner who is educated, certified and practiced.

Businesspeople working on laptop in an office.


The answer to this question is another question. “How much are you willing to lose?

- Do I really need, Asset Protection?

The trust must be formed long before any knowledge of creditor threats or litigation.

- Will a trust , benefit me?

If you do not have an estate plan, your estate will pass into the probate courts.

- What if I do not , have an Estate Plan?

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Let us assist you finding solutions to protecting and preserving your wealth.